OCTOBER 11, 2016

What Makes a Good Business Logo

We are surrounded by business logos all around us. So much so that we’re often unaware of the influence it has upon us. You’ve probably seen thousands of logos in your lifetime. But if someone were to ask you to name a few, you’d probably remember no more than 4 or 5 of them. That brings us to an important question: what differentiates a good logo from a bad one?

Stick around and you’ll find out.

The simpler the better
Simplicity is one of the key factors in every good logo design. Just remember Coca-Cola, Apple, or Google. Their logos are simple but memorable. Even the brands that started off with slightly complicated logos like eBay, for example, decided to simplify it later on. It has to do with how our mind processes symbols. As it turns out, a simpler logo has a bigger impact than a complex one.

Make it unique
When we say unique, it means you need to steer clear of overly used icons and symbols. Now, this probably sounds easier said than done. In a sea of logos, how are you supposed to make your logo stand out? That’s where good graphic design agencies step in to save the day. If you don’t have any ideas, that’s okay - there are people whose job is to think of original business logos so that you don’t have to.

Make it flexible and appropriate
Your logo needs to be strong yet simple so that it can look good on any background and across different mediums. It’s also important for your business logo to be appropriate and appealing to your target audience so that they remember it. After all, it is their attention you’re trying to grab.

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